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Are you feeling stuck? Is there a sense of lack in your life or a situation you feel you can't control? Perhaps you're simply looking to add more peace and balance to your home and life.

Whether it's health, money, love, career - you name it - feng shui can address it.

By combining interior design and the law of attraction, this thousands year old practice has helped create more balanced lives for millennia.

Come in and check out how!

Valerie Sands
Certified Feng Shui Consultant

A 19-year veteran of the corporate world, Valerie Sands began her independent study of feng shui in 2005. Astounded at the transformations she experienced, she continued to delve deeper into the practice.

While helping friends and family apply the practice to their lives, she witnessed their dreams and visions come to fruition as well. Eventually, she decided to study for her feng shui certification and begin a new career; working for herself and for the betterment of others.

Valerie received her certification in 2010 from the East Coast Academy of Feng Shui.

Valerie is a big fan of cookies.

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