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I was totally unaware that the boxes and clutter piling up in the corner were having such a profound effect on my life.  That Feng Shui Lady helped identify and clear cluttered areas and explain the correlation to the blockages I was having in my physical and emotional life!  Needless to say I was astounded and pleased when, after clearing the spaces, I found a new, palpable and very powerful flow of energy in my home. With that change, made some significant and productive adjustments to my life.... thanks Feng Shui Lady!

Norma S.
Hollywood Florida



That Feng Shui Lady provided a very professional, non intrusive service and made the whole experience very enjoyable. She explained everything in an easy to understand manner and in a way that “made sense” to me and my family’s needs. Even my husband who was skeptical about the whole experience, seems to have a new lease on life. Valerie's guidance in helping him to create form, function, flow, and fun to his home office environment has greatly contributed to his peace of mind and the success of his business.

As an interior designer, I valued her suggestions on decor and color; she also suggested some things that I never would have thought of.

Since the consultation, I had a surprising windfall and a new job opportunity - I attribute both to Feng Shui!

I would recommend this service to anyone wanting to freshen up their environment in an easy and practical way.

I am grateful to Valerie for sharing her wisdom and promoting peace, harmony, and prosperity into my life!

Angelina M
Plantation, FL


Valerie explained the layout of my home through the bagua and taught me about the elements and how they can either work for or against you, depending on where they were in your home.

She chose colors that I personally would never have looked at, but the end result is a warm yet bright environment that I love. Everyone who comes into my house says how beautiful it is and loves the color combinations she chose.  

She also Feng Shui’d my landscaping and the results from that are both beautiful and amazing. I not only love being in my house, I love being outside it too!

Since I have applied all of the principles (and also some cures she helped me with), I have been making more money, I feel healthier and more at ease and my relationship is better than ever.  

I recommend That Feng Shui Lady to anyone who would like to make their life better. She has made a huge difference in my life and I can’t thank her enough.

Raul D.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


I attribute my success in life to learning how to control my life. That I learned from That Feng Shui Lady, Valerie Sands.

I moved into a new apartment on the beach, but I didn’t feel quite at home until Valerie came in and worked her magic. She rearranged my apartment according to Feng Shui and the elements…then things really started happening for me.

I became more successful and recognized at my job; I started paying more attention to myself and my health.  Since Valerie Feng Shui'd my home, I have lost 10 pounds and ran in the first two marathons in my life!!  Most importantly, I began to open up to others…something I always had a hard time doing. 


Sheriann N. 
Fort Lauderdale

Our home has a new pleasantness. My office is suddenly more productive and my personal energy is noticeably increased. It is completely attributable to Valerie, that Feng Shui lady's advice. We went through the motions and made the changes. Even before we completed all the ideas that Valerie presented, the positive change was noticeable."


Shannon M

Plantation, Florida

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