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On-site Consultation

Once you've discussed with Valerie what you would like to manifest, she will conduct a space by space assessment of your home, office or landscape. You will be educated on the bagua (the feng shui floor plan), the elements, and how they align in your environment. She will advise you on what changes can be made to enhance your home’s energy. Consultations generally last three to four hours. You will receive a follow up visit within one year of your consultation to check progress and make additional adjustments. Plus phone, text and email access to Valerie with questions or concerns for one year.

All clients will receive a workbook specific to their space.

Video Consultation

Valerie will conduct a room by room review of your home office via video-chat. Once you  discuss your current situation,  she will advise you on the specific areas in your home to address to accomplish your goals.  You will be educated on the bagua and how it fits in your home, along with the elements and how they can be represented to best benefit you.  Suggestions will be made for changes that can increase the energetic flow and balance of your home.

You will receive a digital workbook and copy of your bagua to refer to during the call and for future reference.

Home Cleansing - Feng Shui Cures

Just as you impact the energy of your home, so does anyone who has previously lived there  Though we generally know little to nothing about them, previous homeowners leave behind traces of their daily activities and dispositions.  Energetic cleansing and clearing help to clear out old, stale energy that can get in the way of your happiness or health and open the space for your own energy to flow.

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