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What is Feng Shui??



Translated from Chinese Feng Shui, (pronounced fung - shway), means "wind and water".  Thousands of years ago, the Chinese realized that the energy (or "ch'i") of the earth’s environment is also embodied in the energy of our homes. Based directly on the flow of the elements in nature, the principles of feng shui mimic the growth and regenerative cycles of the earth.  So if we can grasp that outside our doors, water is feeding wood, which is fueling fire, which is creating earth, which is producing metal which is melting back into water then we just need to grasp that the same thing is happening once we walk ­inside our doors.  But since our homes don’t actually have space for full-on eco-systems, we need to add those elements on our own to encourage their flow.  Feng shui teaches you what elements go where and how they can be represented in your home to help fulfill your aspirations.  It can seriously be as easy as switching the color of your kitchen towels or getting a new doormat.


The Bagua









The bagua (bah-gwah) is the feng shui floor plan , and  the guide to the flow of your home. Composed of 8 separate tri-grams, or “guas”, with yin and yang in the center, the bagua covers any situation that can come up in life. Career, education, family, wealth, fame, love, creativity, travel, helpful people and health are all represented. The job of feng shui is to guide energy to those areas to set you up for success.  This is accomplished through arrangement of furniture and personal items, along with “elemental clues” you provide.

When the proper elements are in place, energy works for you; but when the wrong ones make their way into those areas, bad luck, illness, loneliness, depression or just a challenging life can result. The good news however, is that everything can be fixed. So even if your home is full of “misplaced elements”, it takes very little to adjust.

Through proper placement of furniture and accessories, your life can be as successful and fulfilling as you want it to be. It really is that easy. 

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