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What is Feng Shui??


Translated from Chinese Feng Shui, (pronounced fung - shway), means "wind and water".  Thousands of years ago, the Chinese realized that the energy (or "ch'i") of the earth’s environment is also embodied in the energy of our homes. Based directly on the flow of the elements in nature, the principles of feng shui mimic the growth and regenerative cycles of the planet.  Since our homes don’t  have space for actual eco-systems, feng shui teaches us how to add those elements in other ways.

Using colors, shapes, textures and images, you can set the stage for your home to  support you in every aspect of your life.  


The Bagua









The bagua (bah-gwah) is the feng shui floor plan. It's the guide to the magic your home can provide; in every facet of your life. (Career, education, family, wealth, fame, love, creativity, travel, helpful people and health). The work of feng shui is to guide energy to those areas to set you up for success.  This is accomplished through arrangement of furniture and personal items, along with "elemental clues” you provide.

When the proper elements are in place, energy works for you. When conflicting elements are present, money troubles, physical ailments, loneliness, depression or other challenges can result. The good news is that everything can beadjusted. So even if your home is full of “misplaced elements”, it can take very little to move those items to your advantage.

Through proper placement of furniture and accessories, your life can be as successful and fulfilling as you want it to be.

It really is that easy. 

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